Dragon Duel

Dragon Duel Battle

As the world's first reflective NFT battle game, Dragon Duel has integrated lottery functionality with exciting battle action. Our app is ready from day one and fully functional. As our games grow and evolve, your initial Dragon Egg ERC-721 NFT will follow you throughout the Dragonverse. Our Pokemon-style Open World game is currently in development, with full metaverse funtionality on Arbitrum prospected for a late 2023 launch.
Every time a new Dragon Trainer joins the Dragon's Den Guild, a portion of their initiation fee (10%) is reflected to one random Guild Member. This custom game contract requires no developer intervention to pay out reflections and the grand prize. Using automated Solidity functionality, the game is fair and decentralized.
Trainers can upgrade their card deck by purchasing Health and Mana upgrades. The fees from each upgrade go into the prize pool, increasing the overall value for one of our lucky winners!
Last modified 10mo ago