Dragon Duel

DGND Token

The total $DGND supply is 100,000,000. Taxes are set at 10%, and all Dragon Egg NFT holders will be exempt from fees. 70% of the total token supply will go the DGND-ETH LP, to be deployed on Camelot. The token will be audited and we have also sent for KYC to be completed as well. 10% of the tokens will be locked for emission in our play-to-earn open world game. An additional 10% will go to Dragon Egg minters, who will also receive a token bonus for supporting the project. 5% will be offered in a small private sale and an additional 5% of the tokens will be for the team and vested. The team tokens will be the only vested tokens.
For the token taxes, the tax of 10% is broken up into a few categories. The majority of each tax will go to the Nitro Pool rewards at 5% per transaction. Dragon Egg NFT holders will get 1%, 2% will go to marketing, 2% goes to the developers.
Last modified 10mo ago