Dragon Duel
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Developer Statement

When we first conceptualized the idea of a Pokemon-style game on Arbitrum, we had no idea that this simple concept would lead us to this point which we find ourselves today. Following numerous beta-tests, endless hours spent designing, and thousands of lines of code, we’ve finally developed a new platform that seeks to be as revolutionary as both CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity combined.
Over the past 18 months, those involved in this space have seen some tokens make millionaires while others simply took everything and ran off into the dark. Our entire concept revolves around the benefit of the overall community. Dragon Duel sets out from the start to be a token based in security, transparency, and efficiency. You won’t find any ridiculous taxes or mint functions in the contract. Our goals reach far higher and we’re looking quite far down the road.
Think of Dragon Duel as much more than just a simple token or NFT collectable craze. At its full potential, this revolutionary concept is one-of-a-kind! There has never been a concept that rewarded holders with liquidity generated from NFT lottery sales. By providing a fun and exciting way to quickly generate liquidity via a bulk of small lottery transactions, the post-prize yield is then added as liquidity to the the DGND Nitro pool.
We look forward to conducting this experiment and are glad you’ve joined us. Be sure to mint your first Dragon to be included in the first lottery—mint early and often to win big!!