Dragon Duel

NFT Lottery

While lottery concepts on the blockchain are by no means a new concept, Dragon Duel aims to take the next step in combining a solid token, an NFT ecosphere, real web3 gaming action, and a reflective lottery built into every aspect of the upcoming open-world Pokemon style game.
The Dragon Duel Liquidity Bootstrap Protocol utilizes the Arbitrum blockchain and the $DGND token will fair launch on Camelot within the coming days. This token will be used to pay rewards to holders, power the Dragonverse, and generate additional earning opportunities via the Camelot Nitro Pool.
We’re starting from square one and doing DeFi the right way. We know that projects succeed when there is a real community effort behind the dev team and our developers want to reward the community through hard work, fun, and the potential to earn some huge prizes. Let’s take a look at what we’ve planned to launch Dragon Duel into orbit.
Stage one of the Dragon Duel plan is to launch our genesis NFT mint. The Dragon Egg NFT is your ticket to the best of the Dragonverse. Dragon Egg holders get added into the Dragon’s Den. Dragon’s Den members get automated weekly payouts in ETH, airdropped $DGND tokens, and early access to all features of development. The more eggs you own, the more reflections and rewards you get!
These NFTs aren’t merely tokens…they’re also a ticket into one of the largest prize pools on the entire Arbitrum blockchain. Once all 500 Dragon Eggs have been minted, one lucky holder will win 25% of the total contract value! Not only that, on each transaction one holder wins 10% from the NFT minting fee. The more NFTs you have, the more you can win!
For an idea, each NFT costs .06 ETH to mint. Once all 500 have been minted, 27 ETH will remain in the contract. 3 ETH was paid to holders via mint fees, which means that one holder will win 6.75 ETH or around $12,000!
The remaining funds will be used to fair launch the $DGND token and pay for marketing and other promotion. Holders who mint at least one Dragon Egg NFT will also get airdropped $DGND tokens!
Following our successful first mint, at Stage Two we will begin minting additional playable Dragonverse avatars with DGND tokens + a small amount of ETH. These NFTs will have variable pricing with a chance for even larger prize pools! The ETH raised by these sales will go into the token liquidity to ensure a healthy token environment for the Dragon economy.
Our token launch will lead into our beta launch of the Dragon Duel 2D Battle Game. By utilizing Unity and Thirdweb, we’ll be able to quickly launch this NFT integrated game and then also upgrade easily into the 3D open world. Many projects promise the world at the start but we like to take a realistic view and understand that even with full time work, great development takes time.