Dragon Duel
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How it Works

Ready to win big?? This isn't some project that promises future functionality...we've already got our app live playing paying NFT holders on Arbitrum.
Dragon Duel uses a frictionless reflection function to ensure that the prize winner gets paid out as soon as the trigger hits. Every NFT is a chance to win! Each time a new Dragon NFT is minted, the owner's wallet address is added into the lottery. For each NFT minted after that, one wallet is randomly selected to win 10% of that NFT's minting fee through an automatic transfer! But wait...that's not all! After the very last NFT is minted from the contract, one random wallet address will win 25% of the total prize pool! The remaining yield goes into the community fund for marketing, developement, and additional liquidity!
The additional liquidity will be transferred to Dragon Duel assets, used for marketing, and given back directly to holders. Dragon Duel is much more than one simple prize pool...its an entire system built on generating and multiplying liquidity!
Who are the Dragons of Dragon Duel? They're dragons who live and trade on Arbitrum! Be sure to join us in the Telegram chat, read the whitepaper, and mint your very own Dragon Egg through the Dragon Duel app!
Dragon Duel is a project built with the community in mind and every step of the journey is executed with full transparency. You won't find any hidden token wallets, shady transfers, excessive taxes, or any other questionable tactics! All payout functionality is controlled entirely by the Solidity Smart Contract. This means that the development team cannot change or influence the outcome of the lottery. With a working beta version currently in production, you can get in early on the ground floor of this revolutionary Reflective NFT technology.
🎰 How does the NFT Lottery work?
Each time a new Dragon is minted, two things happen. First, one lucky holder wins 10% of that minting fee. These payouts can be verified on the “Internal Txns” tab on Arbiscan. Second, the token holder is entered to win the ETH grand prize. This is all done through smart contract functionality
Let’s take a look at the code and you’ll be able to get an idea of how the lottery works.
contract DragonDuel is ERC721Enumerable, Ownable {
uint256 public maxSupply = 500;
uint256 public timeLock = block.timestamp + 10 days;
This sets the maximum supply to 500 NFTs and also locks the withdraw function until the maximum supply is reached or 10 days passes.
The payment functionality is quite simple. For both the transaction fee prize and the grand prize, the contract sends the winner’s funds without any developer intervention.
if(supply > 0) {
winAddress = payable(ownerOf(payoutNum(supply, block.timestamp, supply + 1) + 1));
winValue = supply + 1 == maxSupply ? address(this).balance * 25 / 100 : msg.value * 10 / 100;
if(supply > 0) {
(bool success, ) = payable(winAddress).call{value: winValue}("");
require(success, "Could not send value!");