Dragon Duel


What is Dragon Duel?
Arbitrum's First NFT Lottery
Dragon Duel is a Pokemon-style play-to-earn battle game with NFT charecters set to launch in the near future. The core concept of Dragon Duel is community fun and huge payouts! Players can enter into the Dragon Trainer dApp to mint dragons and win big. To win, a player just has to hold at least one Dragon Egg NFT. The more you hold, the more chances you have to win! Even if you don't win the jackpot, you'll still be entered to win exclusive DGND token airdrops, ETH airdrops, and early access to news and developments. Feeling lucky? It's easy to get started. Head over to app.dragonduel.io and mint your first Dragon today!
The DGND token is the official in-game token of the Dragonverse! Buy, hold, sell or play with DGND to earn exclusive rewards and exciting opportunities.
Last modified 10mo ago